FEP Heat Shrink tube Performance

FEP heat-shrinkable tube (polyfluoroethylene propylene copolymer,) has excellent high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance performance, especially suitable for places that require heat resistance (such as aircraft or automobile engines or electrical appliances near the fuel tank) And hydraulic system> and the environment that needs chemical solvent resistance, it is suitable for insulation protection and stress decoating of cable harness in these environments, and protects electronic and electrical equipment from damage.


Features/ Advantanges


The various properties of the polyperfluoroethylene propylene copolymer-EE copolymer are similar to those of PTFE, but the heat resistance is slightly lower. It can work at -5 degrees *205 degrees for a long time, and at -200 degrees to +300 degrees for a short time; High strength, creep resistance, low temperature flexibility is better than PTEE; crystallinity varies with heat treatment temperature, good molding processability; non-toxic, non-sticky, electrical insulation, wear resistance, chemical stability are comparable to PTEE


Temperature Range Continuous

Working Temperature: -85~℃~200~℃·Minimum shrinkage temperature: 150

Minimum complete shrinkage temperature: 200℃ characteristics/standard

Characteristics    Item Index Requirements Testing Result



Physical characteristics:

Tensile Strength 8.2mpa min ASTM D 638 ≥10.3Mpa
tensile strength 250% min ASTM D 638 ≥300%
Thermal shock(300 C  4 Hours ) No cracks ASTM D2671 PASS
Low temperature flexibility(-65C 4hours ) No cracks ASTM D2671 PASS
Heat aging 250C  168 hours
Tensile strength after aging 8.2mpa min ASTM D638 ≥8.2MPA
Elongation at break after aging 200% min ASTM D638 ≥ 200%
Electrical characteristics Insulation withstand voltage and breakdown 2500v, 60s, No breakdown ASTM D2671 PASS
Dielectric strength 7.9kv/mm min ASTM D2671 ≥7.9kv/mm
Volume resistivity 109 Ω.cm.min ASTMD876 109 Ω.cm
Chemical characteristics: Corrosive(175C ,16 hours ) No corrosion ASTMD2671 PASS
Flame retardant 15S self-extinguishing ASTM D2671 PASS
Oilresistance characteristics::  

25℃,24 hours (Gasoline, fuel oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil)

Tensile Strength 8.2mpa min ASTM D2671 ≥8.2mpa
Elongation at break 200% min ASTM D2671 ≥200%