High Corrosion White PVDF Tube

PVDF Tube,PVDF Pipe ,PVDF Tubing 

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a kind of light fluoride material, with the working temperature ranging from -70 to 150 . It features superior corrosion resistance, mechanical property, electrical insulating property, low friction coefficient, weatherability, and radiation tolerance. Moreover, the tensile strength is two times higher than PTFE, the compressive strength six times higher than PTFE, and the abrasion resistance similar to nylon.


Utilization Characteristic:

Excellent chemical resistance
High purity
High mechanical
Abrasion resistance ,self-lubricity ,small friction coefficient
High temperature resistance and excellent thermal stability
Natural color is Jade white
Excellent anti-again
Non inflammability and self-extinguishment
Excellent resistance of ultraviolet rays and Gamma rays
It has highly quartz electricity reaction
Low shrinkage rate, and end products have good stability

PVDF Properties:

 1). high tensile strength

2). high mechanical strength

3).high rigidity(also at low temperature)

4).high chemcial resistance

5). very low water absorption

6). good firction and wear & tear values

7). high UV-resistance

8).toxic tumes when burned


10).relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion 




PVDF plates, rods are formed by the die pressing or extrusion of polyvinylidene fluoride resin. It can be widely used as the corrosion-resistant materials, abrasion-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant equipment linings, transparent viewing mirrors, vacuum sealing materials, electrical and electronic components, and motor or instrument parts, etc.


PVDF is one of best comprehensive properties of engineering plastics.It has excellent mechanical properties, good resistance of to climatic aging ,good resistance of irradiation and good resistance of corrosion and heat.

Because of PVDF has excellent comprehensive properties,say like, high mechanical strength and toughness, excellent chemical inert,,resistance of high temperature and oxidation ,excellent weathering resistance ,resistance to ultraviolet ray and resistance of to radioactive ,outstanding dielectric properties ,piezoelectricity,pyroelectricity, and waterproof ,self-extinguish ,ment etc..It widely used in Aviation, aerospace industry , chemical industry, instruments, electronics, machinery manufacturing, construction, medicine ,textile, metallurgical and other industries.

Typical Application:

1.High purity water
3.Acid applications
4.High temperature applications
5.Pressure applications
6.Solar glazing

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