PVC Clear Flexible Single Hose Plastic vinyl PVC Soft Tube

Flexible PVC tube offers a wide range of chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion and wear resistance, rubber-like flexibility, visual contact with the flow (clear pvc tubing and hose styles), and outstanding flow characteristics.

These include general industrial, food, pharmaceutical and medical, chemicals, fuels, oils, and mechanical applications including protective coverings and insulation sleeving.

Most of forbest manufacturing Co.ltd’s PVC tubing can be produced in custom sizes (inner diameter 1mm to 50mm ),customized colors, and shapes, and can be cut, printed, or thermally bonded.

Plastic Pvc Rigid Tube


1.smooth surface,small friction coefficient reduce resistance to the elctrical wires and cable in the pipeline

2.high resistance to pressure

3.high resistance to impact and heat

4.good insulation property and fire-resistant,good features of damp proof and acid proof .

5.Flame retardant

6.light weight ,easy to load and unload ,lower cost

7.easy installation ,Recycled and

Color, specifications can be customized.

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