PFA Heat Shrink Tube


The exceptional difference to FEP is that whilst the maximum continuous working temperature is 260°C, the shrinking temperature is only 110°C.

This means our PFA heat shrink sleeving should be selected for applications where a higher working temperature than FEP is required, as it can be safely shrunk over temperature sensitive materials without causing damage. Couple this property with its transparency, total UV resistance, and non-stick nature and you have a very unique material.


PFA Heat Shrink Tube Roll Cover 

PFA roll cover applications where high temperature and or pressure are encountered, it is suggested that the cover be etched and bonded to the roller. Etched roll covers and special adhesive systems are available. Shrinkable covers made from Heat Shrinkable Teflon PFA are available for applications up to 260C on special quotation as well as Roll Covers with a heavier wall.


PFA Heat Shrink Tubing Offers:

  • Virtual total chemical and solvent resistance.
  • Working temperature from 200°C to +260°C.
  • Remains flexible at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Very low coefficient of friction.
  • Non-stick surface.
  • Extremely high electrical resistance.
  • Very low dielectric loss at high frequencies.
  • Total resistance to UV radiation.
  • Naturally non-inflammable.
  • Non-toxic.


PFA Heat Shrink Tube SIZE

Dia: 2.0-190mm

Heat shrink rate: 1.3:1

thickness: 0.2mm to 0.7mm

Length: 50mm to unlimited

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