Plastic Fluropolymer PFA Film

PFA film exhibits many of the performance characteristics of PTFE in a clear, transparent form but can be heat sealed & thermoformed, metalized or laminated to a wide variety of materials. PFA film has a combination of excellent dielectric properties across a wide temperature and frequency range, the highest level of chemical & stress crack resistance together with excellent clarity and good weatherability.

PFA Film Applications:

Forbest offers one universal grade of PFA film to service applications that require high flex life and stress crack resistance such as thin film diaphragms for all kinds of chemical pumps and thermoformed flat products designed for extremely harsh environments.

The combination of chemical resistance and high temperature performance over a wide frequency range make PFA film an ideal component in circuit board fabrication and flat cable insulation applications. The high temperature performance and non-wetting surface of PFA film also make it an ideal material for use as a high temperature release film for composite manufacturers.


·    F4 varnished belt, conveyor belt, tent head bonding

F4 plate fusion welding film


Making high temperature adhesive tape substrate

Anticorrosive lining

Utilization characteristics:

Excellent adhesion and heat sealability with F4

Below the melting point, do not allow any object to wet, above the melting point and F4, metals have good adhesion. And self-adhesive (sealing)

High and low temperature resistance

-200 ~ 260 ℃

Non-sticky, fight water, fight oil

Water contact angle: θ = 115 ℃

Electrical reliability, high insulation

Dielectric constant of 60HZ-60MHZ at high and low temperature is 2.1

Even if the surface is flashed and damaged, it will not produce conductive tracks.

Volume resistance> 1018Ωm

Surface resistance> 2 * 1013Ω

Arc resistance> 165 seconds without leakage

Good UV radiation permeability and low refractive index

Weather resistance

Long-term exposure to ozone and sunlight


Avaliable Thickness is 0.03mm to 0.3mm. width Max 800mm


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