Black EPDM Rubber Tubing EPDM Hose EPDM Rubber Tube

EPDM rubber tubing is commonly used for many automotive applications, such as heater and coolant hose, vacuum-operated

accessories and emission systems as well as air and shop hose and water and garden hose.

* EPDM rubber tubing resists the effects weather can have over time and has similar resistance to heat, ozone and oxidation. EPDM

tubing can also be developed to emphasize flame retardance, tensile strength, tear and abrasion resistance, low-temperature

flexibility, compression set resistance and oil swell resistance.

* EPDM rubber tubing can also be used for industrial, commercial, and personal applications and conditions.

Main Characteristics:

* Temperature ranges from –40°C to 125°C

* Excellent abrasion resistance

* Good resistance to tearing

* Generally resistant to a wide range of media, including: Alcohols, Acidic salts, Alkaline salts, Alkaline solutions, Beverages,

Bleach, Inorganic acids (dilute), Neutral salts, Water (cooling, brackish, salt), Hot water, Steam.


* Excellent flame retardance

* High tensile strength

* Superior tear and abrasion resistance

* Low temperature flexibility

* Heat resistant

* Durable

We offer a wide range of EPDM rubber tubes for general-purpose and specialty applications. Specifically, our EPDM rubber tubes are used for automotive applications like windshield washers, heater/coolant hose, vacuum-operated accessories, emission systems, etc.


Made of superior quality EPDM rubber, our tubes are compatible with fireproof hydraulic fluids, ketones, hot/cold water, alcohols, alkalis, some acids, hydrocarbons, solvents etc.

These EPDM rubber tubes resist electricity and effects of weather. We supply EPDM rubber tubes in Black Colors

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