EPDM Sponge Tube

1)ROHS SGS Compliant.
2)Temperature Range: -35~+100C.
3)Elongation: 250%.
4)Density: 0.55~0.95g/cm3.
5) Hardness: 10-20Shore C
6) Tensile Strength: 10-30psi.
7) Length: any length available.
8) Size: 10-50mm
9) Colour: black.
10) Flexible, arc-resistance, corona-resistant.
11) sponge rubber tube wide use in pottery, porcelain pot, computer, sports equipment, toy electronic

EPDM Sponge Cord /Strip/Extrusion 

EPDM sponge  are ideal for outdoor use or applications requiring resistance to UV rays, air and ozone. Temperature -35°C to +100°C.

Article of epdm foam, foam by epdm vulcanized. Epdm with thermal aging, ozone resistance, weather resistance, good low temperature resistance, electric insulation, acid resistance, alkali resistance and so on various aspects performance better.


Adhesive sticker EPDM Sponge Strip 


widely used in building, automobile, ship doors and Windows sealed, wire and cable, automobile, motorcycle spare parts and other industrial products.


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