What Are Transparent Fluroplastic FEP Hose FEP Tubing FEP Tube used for ?

FEP Tubing Used in applications ranging from environmental monitoring equipment to medical applications and electronics applications. forbest manufactures a wide range of custom and stock sizes of FEP tubing.



High transparency

Low refractive index in all plastics

Weather resistance

Long-term exposure to ozone and sunlight

Easy secondary processability

Can be self-sealing, self-welding, can be turned over, Can be made to coil



  • 1-Photovoltaic solar cell module cleaning tube

2-Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

3-Heat exchanger, steam piping

4-High-purity reagent delivery tube

5-Various corrosive media (harsh solvents) pipelines

6-Import and export flexible hoses for bipolar ion membrane caustic soda production

7-Various frequency wire and cable sheaths, slot insulation tubes

8-For air conditioning wiring harness assembly

9-Full-wrapped plastic O-ring seal tube

10-Utilization characteristics:

11-· High and low temperature resistance

-200 ~ 200 ℃,

12-· Non-sticky, fight water, fight oil

13- No fouling and stagnation inside and outside the pipe wall

  • 14- Electrical reliability, high insulation

15-Dielectric constant of 60HZ-60MHZ at high and low temperature is 2.1

16- Even if the surface is flashed and damaged, it will not produce conductive tracks.

  • Corrosion resistance

17-Only elemental fluorine and alkali metals work with it at high temperature, and it has no effect on all other concentrated and dilute inorganic organic acids, alkalis and esters.

18· Low absorption

Low absorption rate <0.01%


20-Does not burn in the air. (Oxygen Index> 95vol.%)