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Silicone fiber glass tubing

silicone fiberglass tubing silicone fiberglass tubing

Product Infomation:
FSG silicone extruded and fiberglass braided tubes(inside fiber and outside rubber) is weaved into tubes,then formed the product by painting with silicone rubber under high-temperature, with better electric-avoidness, flame off-self and softness feature than Silicone fibreglass tubes. Widely used insulating protection of H & N grade electrical machinery, household electric products, electric & heat equipment, special illuminations, etc.

Technology index:
Type Testing Condition Lighting-resistance Temperature-resistance Average Voltage Individual Value
FSG-4 UL 1441 UL VW-1 +200℃
4000V 3000V
FSG-7 UL 1441 UL VW-1 +200℃
7000V 5000V

Continuous Operating Temperature -10℃~+200℃
Temperature Endurance 200℃±2℃ 168≥1/2Original voltage
Aging Test 260℃, 6hour, No carck
Cold Bend No carck
Horizontal Flame Test > 30 second
Flame Retardance (VW-1) > 30second
Volume Resistivity 10" Ωcm
Submerge Water Test No stickness, deforming, inteneration

Inside diameter measurement:
Inside diameter(mm) / Tolerance(mm) Wall thickness(mm)
0.5--2.0/+0.20-0.00 0.40±0.05 0.45±0.05
2.5--3.0/+0.25-0.00 0.40±0.05 0.50±0.05
3.5--5.0/+0.35-0.00 0.45±0.05 0.55±0.05
6.0--9.0/+0.50-0.00 0.50±0.05 0.60±0.05
10.0--12.0/+0.70-0.00 0.60±0.05 0.65±0.05
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